Aurora Media Worldwide and NEP win two SVG Sports TV Awards for their work on Extreme E



September 8, 2022

The SVG Sports TV Awards 2022 recognised outstanding companies, teams, and individuals that have pushed the boundaries of sports broadcasting in 2021. NEP has been recognised for its work on the ground-breaking, off-road electric series for Extreme E Season 1, with Aurora Media Worldwide, in which Electric SUV’s race across the most exciting and challenging off-road environments. The recognition for this production, which debuted in 2021, has resulted in NEP winning two of the three awards they were nominated for, alongside Aurora for their work on Extreme E - Season 1.

NEP were shortlisted with their partners for Outstanding Production Achievement (Event), Outstanding Production Achievement (Innovation) and the One Planet Award for Sustainability in Sports TV. Winning in the categories of Outstanding Production Achievement (Event) and One Planet Award for Sustainability in Sports TV.

  • Outstanding Production Achievement – Event: Aurora Media Worldwide and NEP – Extreme E Season 1
  • One Planet Award for Sustainability in Sports TV: Aurora Media Worldwide and NEP – Extreme E Season 1

This all-electric off-road racing series is designed to bring attention to climate change, the use of sustainable, all-electric vehicles, and provide audiences with a spectacular broadcast event. With no technical infrastructure in any of the locations, NEP alongside Aurora distributed the action live to 180countries worldwide.

NEP, alongside Aurora created a complete end-to-end, sustainable production in all five locations. This included a custom IP flypack, remote production solutions, crewing, satellite, together with fibre connectivity, edit, and ingest solutions.

NEP NL and Creative Animal (part of NEP NL) also created a cutting-edge AR and Graphics solution, including data-driven graphics, motion graphics and built a complete virtual world based on the race locations and GPS data.

There has also been a significant effort to deliver net-zero broadcast productions, and we are proud to have worked with Aurora Worldwide and Extreme E to ensure that all of our teams and productions have delivered a sustainable event, recognised by this One Planet Award for Sustainability in Sports TV by SVG Europe.

George Bevir, SVG Europe editorial director and Chair of the judges, added: “Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who was shortlisted. They should all be rightly proud of their achievements.The jury’s choices reflect the best of sports television in Europe but also highlight the incredible work that the industry continues to do. Long may it continue.”

NEP Group want to thank all of our teams at NEPUK, NEP Connect, NEP Netherlands, Aurora Media Worldwide and Extreme E for allof their hard work and commitment to deliver such outstanding events.


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