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While your teams are on the ground, we’ll provide the dynamic and resilient connectivity that can keep pace with demand. We already support many major broadcasters, production and live events companies delivering live sports events, breaking news, music and entertainment coverage through broadcasting events.


Live Connectivity. Anywhere!

NEP Connect has unprecedented experience in supplying a vast range of connectivity services, providing clients with robust, innovative and cost-effective solutions for broadcasting events of any kind and any scale.

Services Your Event Can Benefit From

NEP Connect is a leading broadcasting company and provide a wide range of connectivity services to live events, at any location. This includes live web streaming for corporate meetings and addresses, all the way to providing broadcast connectivity and chip and pin payment terminals at huge festivals and sporting events.

Multi-Platform Connectivity Solutions

We’re proud to offer resilient connectivity, bringing fibre, satellite and microwave services to our clients. Second screens are a must for today’s audiences, and we can get your content to different channels simultaneously, be it to a social media platform, your website or a third party. We’re the team behind the broadcast of 31 concurrent live music streams from the London Eye to more than a million viewers worldwide in collaboration with Red Bull Media House. See our case studies for more stories here.

Experiential Marketing

We don’t just supply the satellite infrastructure, we also supply crews and our bookings team can help you to sort out all those administrative details such as Ofcom site clearances, access and parking permits and accreditations.

Sport, Music And Theatrical Events And Festivals

NEP Connect offers a full range of connectivity services to cover small to large scale sport, music and theatrical live broadcast events and festivals. Services include payment connectivity, live streaming and broadcasting, and high bandwidth internet supply.

Live Social Content

Live event streaming is an increasingly popular and cost-effective way to bring your event to global internet audiences. NEP Connect has the expertise, experience and technology to ensure users can watch high quality, rich coverage of events as they happen, on a multitude of social platforms.

Corporate Requirements

We don’t just cover public events, we can provide connectivity to private, corporate events too. Whether you want to stream or broadcast a corporate address, training seminar or simply want live link ups between offices across the globe, NEP Connect can help.

High Quality Audio

NEP Connect can transmit high-quality audio feeds from any location, no matter how remote, using IP satellite connectivity. NEP Connect’s satellite offering can be implemented at short notice to offer a unique, flexible service.

Streaming And Hosting

NEP Connect’s reliable online video hosting service delivers live streams and video to any online video player via a global content delivery network (CDN), which ensures you receive the best available service 24/7.

Regardless of your event requirement, we can provide a temporary or permanent connectivity infrastructure to best suit your needs. Fibre cables are already in place at many venues such as Premier League stadia and many entertainment venues, however where fibre isn’t available, our fleet of satellite trucks are on hand to bring robust connectivity services to your event.

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