What We Do

NEP Connect (formerly known as SIS LIVE), is a leading providerof global critical connectivity services. We are the technology and team delivering content to millions of viewers worldwide via our comprehensive satellite and Anylive® fibre infrastructure.

As well as supporting broadcasters like the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky Sports, and clients in many territories, our team connects ambitious brands like Red Bull, Audi, and McDonald’s and their audiences with experiential live events and social network streaming.


Major Event Contribution And Global Distribution Services

Expanding Anylive® fibre network with over 240 POPs ‘on-net’.

Dedicated network cabinets and infrastructure at each venue. All connected sites are controlled and monitored at NEP Connect’s NOCs with send and receive capabilities.

Largest Fleet Of Hybrid Satellite And Fibre Trucks In Europe

Our satellite fleet includes UHD production units, HD compact uplinks, hybrid (fibre and satellite) connectivity vehicles and dual HD uplink vehicles. We also own and operate small scale OB vehicles, including multi-camera broadcast trucks.

International Broadcast Teleports And Network Operations Centres

We operate two teleports with geographic separation providing disaster recovery resilience. Our dedicated NOCs, provide full network support, 24/7 proactive service monitoring and management of all fibre and satellite services, and management of 33 direct-to-home channels

Remote Production Solutions

NEP Connect’s Remote Production product provides fully managed delivery of your content from the event venue to your production facility, or location of your choice over our low latency Anylive® network.

Gateway Services

NEP Connect provides booking and scheduling and satellite spacecraft management services. Find out more about our outsourced tailored solutions here.

Case Studies And Testimonials

From archaeological digs to the Tour de France and Glastonbury Festival, we provide connectivity solutions for some of the most ambitious and exciting events. Click here to learn more about some of our work.


Providing critical connectivity services for 30 years.


Flexible, robust solutions to meet clients' exact requirements.


Reliable, resilient connectivity services.


Embracing new technologies, solutions, and services.


Growing network with over 240 POPs 'on net'.


Large infrastructure - event contribution, global distribution.


Our Work