Remote Office Connectivity Services

Connectivity, Anywhere!

Wherever your team, whatever your environment, fluid communication needn’t be a challenge. Set up remote connectivity with ease, fully connected with IT and telephone services to help your team forge ahead with the task at hand.

Our satellite solutions quickly connect your teams with high upload and download speeds, and allows you to link any number of devices to the internet via a network or Wi-Fi router.

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Mediabank, our user-friendly online collaboration, production and publishing tool, can store your files, keep track of them, and make sure they’re accessible whenever you need them. You’ll have reliable storage of masters, sporting events or rights media you may own, controlled from your digital devices and tagged with searchable and event-based metadata—all using your favorite browser. And because Mediabank is not limited by hardware or formats, it’s supported by systems worldwide.

  • Archive your high-resolution media
  • Automate your workflows based on metadata triggers
  • Accelerate upload and transfers
  • Live-to-file ingest
  • One-click publishing
  • Access your media on any device
  • Share with QuickLinks (sms & email)
  • Collaborate with ease
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Remote Locations

If your location is far from a broadband connection or you’ve yet to install one, our team can provide temporary connections at short notice. You’ll often find us on construction, research or archaeology sites installing Wi-Fi and telephone services for teams with specific connectivity requirements.

Multi-location Events

For teams covering a single event from many locations or production teams split over multiple events, we can provide remote services to keep you all in sync.

Traveling Teams

If your team needs to move between locations, we’ll set up a mobile remote production office that moves with you, particularly useful for mobile libraries and local council services that may need to reach vulnerable or isolated communities regularly.

Emergency Connections

In the event of an emergency or lost connection, we can install a temporary broadband service at short notice. If you need further support, we’ll deploy a mobile satellite vehicle to get you back online.

Make life and media asset management easier with Mediabank, our user-friendly online collaboration, production and publishing tool.

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