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On Location Satellite Broadband Services

No location is impossible and no challenge too large. Wherever your event is based, we’ll connect you with speedy satellite broadband leaving you free to share your conversations with the world.


Uninterrupted Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime.

Broadcasters, production companies and event organisers in the remotest corners and toughest terrains have used our mobile satellite broadband services to keep them connected with their colleagues and specialist audiences.

Our well-established network, used by organisations across Europe for mission-critical operations, gives comprehensive and instant connectivity.

How It Works

Our network includes fibre connectivity, satellite uplinks and permanently leased satellite capacity from multiple providers. That means we don’t need to borrow bandwidth from anyone else and can connect you quickly to an uncrowded broadband connection for fast uploads, downloads and speedy browsing.

As soon as one of our satellite uplink trucks arrives, a network is available within minutes on NEP Connect’s dedicated satellite capacity. We are ready to send and access your data at the click of a button.

Remote Connections

No matter how inaccessible your event location, we can introduce temporary broadband coverage for the duration. As well as super fast satellite broadband connections, we can also provide telephone services and even a fully remote connected office for your teams to use. Find out more about remote connectivity, here.

Who We Work With

We support a mix of travelling and permanent teams across the UK. Production teams covering events in multiple locations, such as racing, can feel confident in a robust connectivity service wherever they stop.

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