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March 23, 2017

How live streaming has revolutionised corporate events. Technology has changed the way we socialise, the way we consume news and now it’s changing the way we organise and attend major corporate events.

Today’s global business community demands a straightforward, fast, secure and high-quality means of communicating. The days of mailing lists, brochures and awkward networking are well and truly gone. The Internet, along with other tech developments, such as live streaming, are dominating the path to event success.

Live streaming is a relatively new phenomenon, at least in terms of being an easily accessible technology. This is due to the increase of speed and reliability of internet connections to the point where high- quality video can be transmitted with minimal latency – although live streaming might appear to be complex to anyone who hasn’t tried it before, it’s fast becoming an increasingly popular and cost-effective way to bring your corporate event to global internet audiences.

Sharing live events with your audience can make them feel more connected to your company or industry – and that’s not the only benefit. Here are some more ways live streaming is revolutionising corporate events.

Reach a wider audience

When it comes to corporate events, you are limited to a certain space – but livestreaming breaks those limitations. With webcasting capabilities, you have the potential to reach almost anyone remotely. This helps to widen access to information and events, especially in training where everyone receives the same information ensuring consistency. The only limitation you have to deal with is the streaming service’s server capacity.


Live streaming means you instantly have access to analytical and tracking tools. These tools can be used to measure the impact of your event straight away, by observing a number of metrics including number of views, customer behaviour and engagement. This will benefit you when it comes to planning future events as you gain insights that can be used to shape your next conference.

Provides diverse content

The great benefit of live streaming is that you are not just limited to audio and video. You have the advantage of using multiple content forms including pictures, live chat and text.


One of the biggest misconceptions about live streaming is that it is expensive to execute well – but that’s not necessarily true. You need a reliable streaming partner, like NEP Connect (formerly known as SIS LIVE).  Not only that, a good streaming platform can restrict access to your content by delivering via a secure network. This reduces the risk of transmissions being hacked, which can happen more commonly on public networks.


In order to keep up with today’s environment, it’s necessary for businesses to adopt a mobile strategy. Everybody uses smartphones these days. By live streaming your event, you’re allowing people to view your content on the go. Not only that, it’s also shaped the way consumers interact with brands and organisations.

Live streaming offers bigger, better and more awe inspiring ways to communicate content. If you’re interested in finding out more, click here.


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About NEP Connect

NEP Connect, an NEP Broadcast Services Company, has been delivering critical media content since 1989. The company’s rapidly growing international fibre network, Anylive®, connects over 220+ locations including broadcasters, major switching centres, channel aggregators, sports and entertainment venues.  NEP Connect operates two Network Operation Centres located in the UK, co-located with NEP Connect teleports, which supply extensive satellite facilities to complete the connectivity offering.  The company provides a full range of broadcast services from UHD to low bit rate streaming with data and audio transmission services also available.  This comprehensive fibre and satellite infrastructure forms a cohesive and robust portfolio, broadcasting over 200 hours of live transmissions worldwide every day supporting multiple contracted and occasional use events.

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