NEP’s Support Plastic Free July


NEP’s Support Plastic Free July

Milton Keynes, UK


June 13, 2022

NEP Connect is committed to making smart use of the earth’s resources, provide earth-smart solutions to clients, and minimise its environmental impact.

We at NEP Connect are in full support of Plastic Free July. We want to share this challenge with you, so you can contribute in your own way at work, home, or in your wider community!

What is Plastic Free July?


Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Every year in July, 100+million participants in 190 countries have the opportunity to take on the challenge to reduce plastic pollution in their own lives. Because if we all make little, manageable changes, we’ll contribute to a massive difference overall.

This massive difference will mean real results for our world, people, and wildlife: we’re talking cleaner oceans, cleaner streets, and less wasteful communities altogether.


So, What Are We Doing to Help?


We at NEP Connect take our commitment to sustainability seriously, have made reducing plastic a priority, and have taken steps to ensure we’re making a difference in small but effective ways. Here are some of our ideas that might inspire you:

·      Utilising reusable products. Integrating more reusable products into our work is a huge part of NEP’s strategy for reducing the use of single plastic. For example, we are banning the use of plastic milk containers. Instead, we are opting for recyclable glass bottles in our offices.


·      Utilising reusable water bottles. Because we avoid using single-use plastic at NEP, we have supplied all our members with staff with their own reusable bottle.In addition, we have also given out branded water bottles at some of our events.


·       Recyle! This can be easily avoided by limiting your usage of plastic packaging in general. Biodegradable bin liners are also a great idea! Recycle where possible at home, and at work.


·       Avoiding littering in any way possible. This ensures that litter doesn’t become part of the earth’s larger water cycle; being washed from the streets into the sewers and from there finding their way into the ocean. NEP Connect staff have been collecting their crisp packets in the office to recreate blankets like the foil ones that paramedics provide patients with and have been distributing to the local homeless.



Remember: if we all seethe bigger picture and start making small changes in our own lives, we can start seeing some fantastic results for our planet.


For media inquiries, contact Susan Matis


About NEP Connect

NEP Connect, an NEP Broadcast Services Company, has been delivering critical media content since 1989. The company’s rapidly growing international fibre network, Anylive®, connects over 220+ locations including broadcasters, major switching centres, channel aggregators, sports and entertainment venues.  NEP Connect operates two Network Operation Centres located in the UK, co-located with NEP Connect teleports, which supply extensive satellite facilities to complete the connectivity offering.  The company provides a full range of broadcast services from UHD to low bit rate streaming with data and audio transmission services also available.  This comprehensive fibre and satellite infrastructure forms a cohesive and robust portfolio, broadcasting over 200 hours of live transmissions worldwide every day supporting multiple contracted and occasional use events.

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